It’s a Wonderful Wednesday


Good Morning fellow blogger’s 🙂  What a great/grey day…It is a great day, but also grey.  So much fog, but that’s okay because it’s warm.  I didn’t post the last couple of days because I have been so busy, busy.  I hope you all enjoyed my video of the Medal Ball.  I am still on cloud nine.  That was really a life changing experience for me.  I’m going to write an entire post devoted to that, but I’ll save that for another day.  I want to tell you all that I learned from that experience.  But I will just say again, it was life changing 🙂  And I had to go the the see Dr. Scott yesterday (our friend/dentist) for some work I needed done.  OMG I remember why I’m not crazy about the dentist.  Except not Dr. Scott because I love him.  He has been our friend for like 35 years.  Really he is family.  His wife is my BFF.  We started out living side by side.  We were young marrieds.  We even got married on the same weekend.  We had all our kids together i.e. at the same time.  He was in dental school and Michael was working on his MBA, you get the picture.  I’ll leave those stories for another day because there are so many good times to share ❤

What I am super excited about is my Blackhawk’s !!!  How cool is that, they are up in the series 3/0 against the Minnesota Wild. I hope they just take them in 4 straight and we can be done with this series, but then I won’t get to go to a game this weekend. Michael is already searching for tickets for this weekend and the price is getting way up there !!!  It would be very cool to see another game and it be the winning game of the series like the last one.  We will just have to wait and see 🙂

So for now I just wanted to let you know I’m still here and what’s up in my world. It’s all good. Really looking forward to the summer.   Vacations/Florida,Virginia,Las Vegas (WooHoo),British Colombia, that’s right-Highway to Hell yeah baby,Gardening and BBQ,Decorating,Dancing,Stanley Cup and seeing my guys ❤


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