Tango & The Chicago Blackhawks

Well we will be playing the Minnesota Wild in the next round.  They haven’t put the schedule up yet so I don’t have any other news except,  G O   B L A C K H A W K S !!!  We’ll be at a game next round too 🙂

I am also getting ready for Medal Ball.  It is this weekend.  I have been learning the Tango/Rumba and I will be dancing it with Houston.  Going to be a lot of fun and I’m not even nervous about dancing in front of people.  I will have the Husband record it and I will put it up, even if it’s not the greatest.  I did it !!!  My friend has been helping me get together my outfit and it has really come together nicely.  She’s coming over to do the hair & make-up.  Love ya, Maria.  Today I’m going to get my hair done how I want it for this weekend so I can see if it looks good.  Red toes, red nails and she made me the cutest hair accessory with red and black flowers.  We took the dress to get altered yesterday.  Shoes are good.  So it looks like everything will come together.  My husband is so sweet. He says I’m going to be the prettiest girl there ❤

So today I am going to go dance with Houston and get ready.  He is just the best.  He is my friend and he knows what life is like for me now and how I might need a little push to get this done.  I’m not worried because he is a really good dancer and a good leader so he can cover for me if I mess up.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll look great.  I just think this is the best.  Dancing has gotten me through so much in life for so long and this is really the first time I have danced publicly.  I wish my boys (my dancer’s) could be there.  They have given me so much moral support and that is what I need right now.

So I probably won’t be posting after this because I have a lot to do between now and the Ball.  Shopping, hair, nails and dancing to prepare.  Wish me luck ❤

3 Comments on “Tango & The Chicago Blackhawks

  1. I love to dance too — especially the Argentine Tango and the waltz! I’ve danced at Medal Balls and in competitions and you are right, If you’re just dancing at the studio or in your own living room, it takes your mind off of everything else. Bo never danced; just told me to go and have a good time. I gave it up about 5 years ago, but decided to return just a couple of months ago. How I love it! It makes me feel like a whole new person. Great luck at the ball — enjoy every minute of it! How wonderful that you two will dance together.

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