Moving On

So this was just the best weekend ever

Now the event, the playoff games.  Remember game 6 against the Predators, a number 2 seed.  We are a number 3 seed, but lets face it, we are the better team.  Much more experience in the playoff’s.  And the playoffs are a season all in it’s own.  I would’ve of loved it for them to finish it in Nashville on Thursday night, but that was not meant to be.  Well you know what happened next.  The husband got tickets to game 6 (because I’m not going to a game 7) so this was really like a game 7 for me.

First we dropped the dogs off, boarding them for Saturday night till Sunday.  They both needed baths and I didn’t want to deal with feeding them and worrying about them being home by themselves.  I mean we were going out to dinner in the city and then the game.  They would’ve had to be home for at least 9 hours by themselves.  Not to mention what if there was a triple OT like the other night.  It just made sense to have them looked after.  We would have a better evening w/o worrying about the animals.

We had to wear dinner clothes first and bring the sweaters and change in them after  dinner.
We had to wear dinner clothes first and bring the sweaters and change in them after dinner.
He wore the home sweater, Kane #88 and I wore the away sweater, Hossa #81
He wore the home sweater, Kane #88 and I wore the away sweater, Hossa #81
We left about 3:30 pm to the city to go out to dinner.  Our dinner reservations were for 5 pm and the game didn’t start till 7 so that should be plenty of time to get down there, have a nice dinner and make it to the Blackhawks vs. Predators.  I thought we were going to Ruth’s, our favorite steak house but the husband (he likes to surprise and spoil me) made reservations at a restaurant I had never been to before.  It was a lovely Italian Restaurant, “Piccolo Sogno Due.”  The food was amazing.  We had an antipasto tray for an appetizer.  It was a beautiful. A fresh vegetable platter w/cheeses, drizzled in their own balsamic vinagrette (which I love anyway).   Michael had the fish.  They brought out the whole fish, first to show him and then they went back and de-boned it and cut fresh filets.   I had the veal, which was so delicious. Very tender, great flavor with roasted potatoes and these wonderful pearl onions which I usually don’t care for but I ate them because they looked so pretty.   For dessert we had charbroiled pineapple, drizzled with caramel and topped with a coconut gelato. Michael had coffee and I had a cappuccino with homemade whip cream.

Selfies getting better
Now we are on our way to the game.  It is 6:20/6:30 pm.  I was worried, were we going to get there in time to park, walk to the stadium, get in our seats, and see the ice show.  I was all about that ice show.  It is just the coolest thing ever.  I don’t want to miss that or when they turn off the lights and the whole place explodes.  The Hawks come out on the ice, they sound the horn, and of course my favorite, Stranglehold by Uncle Ted.  Please don’t wake me up.  I am at game #6 of the first round of the playoffs.  OMG this is my dream.  Well I took a video, so just please watch it.  You don’t even have to watch the whole thing to get the picture.  Just watch it is so cool

It was a great game. The stadium was so loud, I felt like it was a rock concert. My ears were buzzing. After the 1st period, it was tied 3/3. Really, they pulled our goalie, Darling and put back in Crow (Crawford). I thought they should’ve started him to begin with, but never mind about that. They didn’t ask me b/c I’m not the coach 🙂  The second period settled down, thank God and no one scored so it was still 3/3 after 2 periods.

Third period starts. We are doing better on defense and Crawford has stopped them. But there was like 4 minutes left to the game, and we were still tied. I did not want to go to OT but whatever. Then Keith (one of the best defenseman in the league, if not the best) smashes one in from the blue line. The place exploded, red towels everywhere. We have the lead  and it’s under 4 minutes left to play, OMG.  Well that was just the most exciting 4 minutes of my life. They tried everything, they pulled the goalie, took a time out. Nothing worked, because they are not the Hawk’s and don’t know how to score 2 goals with only 17 seconds left (inside joke) 🙂 We win so we are moving on !!!

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