Chicago Blackhawks L O S E Game #5 WOO HOO

I know you must think you are seeing things. I just said, ” WOO HOO, ” about my Blackhawk’s losing last night down in Nashville. Yes it was depressing last night and I woke-up with that heavy feeling but it’s not time to panic. It was only game 5 and they still lead the series 3/2 and they are coming home to the Madhouse on Madison.

So this morning the husband called me and said, “Guess what we are doing this weekend ?” “Not a clue ?” I replied. He continued, “We are going out to dinner downtown at Ruth’s (One of our favorite steakhouses) and then we are going to game #6 !!! Blackhawk’s vs. Predator’s” OMG !!! He has got to be the most wonderful, gorgeous, thoughtful,handsome best husband in this entire world. I knew there was a reason I married him 36 years ago. Oh and he said, “We are on the glass because I know you can’t see that well from the 200/300 level.” Well I just can’t say anymore about this man, but I loooovvvvveeeee him.

It is a win, win situation, because if they lose (perish the thought), they will go back down to Nashville for a game 7. If they win, WOO HOO, I get to experience that and see them all shake hands and let’s not forget about the ice projection show at the beginning of the game. I just get to be there and on the glass, OMG really I am just too excited for words. Oh and then they move onto the next round in the Stanley Cup, and I made it to a game of the first round of playoff’s. Remember I said I would be at 1 game of each series… Only 9 more wins until the Finals 🙂 Way to go Blackhawks !!! You have to watch this ice projection show, it is so really cool 🙂

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