Good Monday Morning

This is the song we are going to get our week going with 🙂  Heard it this weekend when we were going to get coffee, and it just got me very motivated.  I am not a huge Elvis fan, but I am married to one.  He really is.  I think he thinks Elvis is still alive up in Michigan or something like that.  He tells me the same stories about Elvis, over and over again.  I just smile and listen to them over and over and over again.  I love him and I love listening to his stories even if I’ve heard them a thousand times.  He likes to tell them and it’s not like Elvis can make any new stories.  I’m pretty sure I know everything about Elvis 🙂

This week will go by fast like they all do so I’m going to try to get something done.  My leg/foot is better but it still has that kind of pinch to it so I’m going to be real careful.  That was just the worst.  Didn’t get to dance at all last week or go walking.  So here’s hoping I can do that this week.

Scheduling is going to happen first.  My 1st commandment of homemaking:  Write it Down !!!   It usually doesn’t happen if I don’t write it down, so I’ll get my planner out and write it down.  I’ll have to show you my planner sometime, very cool.  Especially because everyone does stuff with tablets, smart phones, yadayadayada.  Four things I’ll try to fit in my day:  1. What is my goal for the day?  2. What dates, deadlines or appt.’s do I have to meet today?  3. Is there anything on my running-to-do list that I can or should do today?  4.  What needs to be done around the house today?

I try to make sure I work on a goal that is achievement orientated as opposed to maintenance orientated.  Maintenance is typically not a lot of fun and usually always gets done, like the dishes.  Practicing my calligraphy is usually not the first thing on my to do list, but maybe if I can block out a 30 minute break in my day for that, then I’ll have done a goal/achievement orientated task.  Something to look forward to that will break up the daily routine, something that is fun, a reward.  Maybe even make a cup of tea to go along with it.  Then I’ll go do a load of laundry.  If I list and plan for my commitment’s then l can see how much time is left in my day to work with.  Maybe I can even give myself permission to nap.  A future blog…

I try to get a running-to-do list going for the week.  This is a list of things I need to do, but I’m not sure when I’m going to get around of doing it.  So I’ll jot it down (so I won’t forget) and it goes in a section of my planner.  I also make a list of household chores that need to be done today, like ground zero is everyday.  But housecleaning, laundry those are usually attached to a specific day in my weekly schedule/planner section.   Appointments are anything with a time attached to it.  Last week when I was scheduling everything, for some reason I put everything on Tuesday, really !!!  So now today I’m going to start with that, and reschedule everything. Obviously I didn’t have my planner when I was making appointments, ugh 😦   I also have a place for notes I use so I can record any journal entrees or information that comes to me via telephone, mail, you name it.

Well that was a really fun song to listen to again.  I was like dancing in my chair.  So now I’ll go eat breakfast and get going with the day ❤  Blackhawk’s day off 🙂 play again tomorrow.

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