Game #3 Blackhawks vs. Predators

Well this is all I’m going to say about the game till after it’s over.  Let’s right the ship and I hope this doesn’t mess with the MoJo.  I’m sure Connor will tell me if it does, in which case I will take the post down immediately 🙂  I’m not up with all the rules as to how you are suppose to watch the playoff’s.  I’ve only been a hockey fan for like 3 years ❤

Well I’m pretty sure no one could wait till the morning to find out if the Hawk’s won.  They did !!!  It was a good game and they looked great.  But I remembered this is just the first series, really how will I survive getting through 14 more wins !!!  That is why when they win the Stanley Cup it is so cool, because as Connor says, “Mom, it’s the Cup.”  I remember when I was not into watching the playoff’s and my little Connor would get so intense and I was like, “Connor, someone has to win and someone has to lose.  It’s not a big deal !!!”  He would say, “You just don’t understand, it is not just a game, this is the Cup.”  Then today when me and the husband were going to eat after the 1st period he said, “If they win or lose, you didn’t win or lose they did.  You just watched.  They either won or lost !!”  This is just the beginning of my crazy hockey playoff world.  Connor is right though, it’s not just a game it”s the Cup !!! 🙂  So you must play the song while you read the next paragraph.  Yes I have officially  lost my mind ❤

Oh in case you are wondering Desjardon got goal #1.  Brandon Saad got goal #2.  But they came back each time and tied.  At one point we were down 1.  Well hello boys, then they got their act together.  The second period Marion Hossa (who is the best, most amazing player and one of my favs, with this being his like 174th playoff game) set the table for the Captain/Johnathon Toew’s who then executed a perfect give & go to light the lamp and take the lead.  In other words he S C O R E D 🙂 and we took the lead.  Then Brent Seabrook took them out of it, and scored goal #4.

To sum it up they won 4/2 and now lead the series, best out of 7 at 2 games to 1…  Now, thank God I get to rest one day until the next game.  Game #4 at home, Tuesday night…  I realized too that I can’t ever go to a hockey playoff game.  I can’t survive that.  Connor is right when he says, “I’ll never go to a playoff game with you mom <3!!!”  I wouldn’t go to a playoff game with me 🙂

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