Game #2 Blackhawks vs. Predators

Series best out of 7…Blackhawk’s lead with 1 game to Predator’s none, and we want to keep it that way !!!  Crow is going to be in the net tonight so let’s hope he does well.  I am not as nervous as I was on Wednesday night and I think Kaner will get his groove back on.  Well It’s almost game time, puck drops @ 8:30 pm central time…  So let’s get this party started, woo hoo.  Go Hawk’s !!! ❤  This guy is just the best Anthem singer I think that ever was.  He is also a professional opera singer, ya think 🙂

Good thoughts and like I said G O   H A W K S ❤

Period 1 is in the books.  I liked how they look, fast and going hard on the boards and having a great net presence.  They were tied, Pred’s scored on the power play, but the Hawk’s came back and scored on a would be power play.  Unfortunately w/3 seconds to go they scored again.  So second period starting and I have to go back an watch, w/my mojo on.  Here’s a song for the second period.  I think you’ll really like this won.  G O   H A W K S  Four minute double minor just happened to Rosival w/blood.  That’s why it’s a 4 minute.

Kaner’s back, he scores !!!!!  It’s all tied up 2 to 2 .  Heeee’sssss Back 🙂  Right now it’s back to a nothing, nothing game!!!!

So sad they scored and took the lead, 3/2.  They will be going into the 3rd down 1.  I’m not worried, but I wish it were the other way and the Hawk’s were leading.  But they are really good when under pressure.  We all remember 17 seconds left, 2 goals down and they still won the Stanley Cup that night :)!!!  So hardly over and their Captain is injured, lower body and is done for the night so they’ll be short a great d-man…  Let’s hope that helps.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, which this is…  I went to bed to watch the last 6 minutes, literally I walked from the family room to my bedroom which is like 30 steps.  Got in my pjs, turned down the bed, put on the electric blanket and turned on the tv.  When I switched to the game, it was 6 to 2, OMG.  What the hell just happened !!!  They were losing by 4 goals with only  2 minutes to go.  I felt like I probably shouldn’t of left.  By doing that, by not watching I screwed up the game.   I asked the husband what happened, and he said he didn’t know because he had been channel surfing.  So it was his fault too !!!  You just have to know how the mojo goes while watching the playoff’s.  Connor knows what I mean.    He would’ve told me you should’ve just stayed there and watched it till it was over and dad should not have been channel surfing.  We both should’ve been protecting the the score :).   So what can I say it was a train wreck.

Well really it was what they probably were hoping for, a split on the road was the best they could hope for (no, winning both of the games and coming back 2 & 0 would’ve been the best case scenario for them).  Well tomorrow is another day.  The series is tied now.  They lost 2/6 the final score.  But the good news is the series is tied and we come home for 2 games at home.  I hope they take both of them.  Well I think that is a far as I’m going with my predictions.

Oh and game 3, I’m going to report it after the win because that’s what I did in game 1 and they won.  You know, mojo ❤  Never change the mojo ❤  Oh I’m also going to post the 1st game that they won because I can’t watch last nights game again, so I figure you don’t want to either unless of course you’re a Predator’s fan.  In which case, please leave me alone 🙂

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