A tale of two mornings

I woke up last night during the middle of the night, and my foot hurt so bad.  I could hardly make it to the kitchen to get some advil and all I could think of was what the hell is wrong with my damn foot.  Then I put some cream on it that I have for pain and put a little compression sock.  I was sure it was a blood clot and I would be dead by morning.  Well here I am and I am not dead but I still can’t walk, OMG.  The husband drove the car to the church, (to take the bus to the train, to take the train to the city, to then walk to his job.  I know that really sucks.  You have had entire workout by the time you get to work) and I don’t think I will even be able to walk there and get the car.  I try to take him to make his day a tad bit easier but lately because I have not been sleeping wel sol that hasn’t been happening.  This is not good because I was suppose to dance w/Houston today and I really think that is not going to happen.  I was also suppose to go look for my Tango dress because that didn’t happen yesterday so if the foot doesn’t start feeling better, I’ll be sitting for today 😦  I know they all sound like 1st world problems so I’ll stop whining about it and just figure out I’m suppose to sit today and I’ll do it with a smile 🙂  N O T…

And here is my other morning. I went and looked at my FB and there was this nice post from my husband, the sweetest man alive. I had a rough day yesterday so he put this post up with the comment, “When I hear this song, I think of my beautiful wife <3.” He definitely is a keeper and my best friend.

And I know you all must be wondering about my Chicago Blackhawks. Well I was going to make dinner and watch the game but I laid down at 4:30 pm (which is never a good thing when you are suppose to be cooking dinner) and woke up at 5:20. I ate handfuls of my jelly’s left over from Easter and washed them down with a cherry 7-Up !!! So now my blood sugar is off the charts and well dinner at home just ain’t gonna happen. So it’s getting on toward 7 pm and the husband is downstairs working on the taxes (ewwwww, that’s not going to turn out good) and I yelled down the stairs, “Let’s go to Buffalo Wild Wings to get some dinner and at least watch the 1st period of the Hawks.” He was not happy about that because I am a to die for cook and he was so looking forward to my ham and sweet potatoes. But after all that candy and pop, I felt so sick I didn’t want to eat let alone cook. I’m glad I re-read this because it did auto-correct and said candy and pot !!! Too funny, no I don’t smoke pot or anything else with pot, but that would have been funny if I had not caught that and changed it. So off to Buffalo Wild Wings we went and it was packed with Chicago Blackhawk fan’s !!! Which is kind of more fun to watch it there with the big TV screens and all the fans.

It was nerve wracking though. I had forgotten how tense I get during playoff season. I mean I am so invested in this team. I love, love, love those guys ❤ They are just the coolest athlete’s ever. Patrick Kane was back (He got hurt in February. He’s pretty much the star !!) and I was nervous for him. Would he play well, was he really okay to play, would he get hurt again ?? Well the 1st period did not go well. We left before it ended and it was Nashville 2/Chicago 0 OMG… When we got home, it was 3 to nothing. Michael went down to do the taxes some more because, well you just have to know how he watches sports. Let’s just say he’s not good at being down. So he left me all alone to watch the game. Really Michael…

Second period was all Hawks though. They tied it up, WOO F R E A K I N G HOO!!! Nick Jarlmelson (that is definitely spelled wrong, he’s from Sweden so I don’t know how to spell it and I can’t get up to get the paper because of the foot and find the correct spelling) so that’s how it’s pronounced. He scored, so the Hawk’s drew blood. They still have a life in them. Oh and Coach Q took out Crow (Corey Crawford, the goalie who started and who is actually one of the best goalie’s in the league) and put in Jim Dharling (I think that’s the way you spell it 🙂 ) I guess he was just having an off night and he wanted to shake it up. I mean this game is important, every game is important in the playoff’s !!! Then they went to a double power play 5 man advantage (Nashville had 2 men in the penalty box) and Patrick Sharp scored, WOO F R E A K I N G HOO again. I have got to come up with a new saying, that is getting old. I’ll work on that… Then you have the Captain, Jonathan Toew’s with Shaw’s help getting goal #3. So that’s right, we are all tied up going into period 3.

My poor Chicago brown dog, Bella hates when we watch hockey. She was under the pillows on the couch and my little Miss Elsa just goes in my bedroom into her little bed and gets away from the craziness. Well now I definitely need a pill for the 3rd period (just kidding) but OMG. We need at least 2 more goals for me to feel okay about watching. Well that didn’t happen, and we are going to overtime. Really, this is going to kill me.

1st overtime, 20 minutes later we are still tied 3/3. You see this is sudden death. First one who scores, game over. Well I had to go to bed and watch the 2nd overtime. Not like that was going to get me into the sleep mode any faster. I mean here we are 2nd overtime and it’s 11:30 pm. Now I really do need a pill (still just kidding). Well I’m not really sure how far into the 2nd OT we were but Duncan Keith (probably the best defenseman in the league !!!) HE S C O R E D !!!

So that was just the best start to the playoff’s ever. Now I get to relax today because they don’t play again till tomorrow. I think someone said that is the 1st win of an away game in the playoffs so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Well time to get busy and do nothing because I still can’t walk. Have a great Thursday ❤

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