I know I need to write down a schedule for today.  I am going to do that right after I get done with this post.  I was thinking about all of this computer stuff and I’m going to keep blogging, but for today I need to actually write it down in my planner.  I just need to feel it, and see it.  Someday, hopefully someone will find everything I wrote down and use it for good.  Well I don’t think they could find it if it were on some blog on my computer.  I can’t doodle or use my own handwriting.  The best I can do is ❤ or a :).    Anyone could’ve done that.  I hope you understand what I am trying to say.    If they see my planner with my handwriting, they will know it is me.  They will see my personality.  I know when I read things from the past, (believe me I keep everything someone has ever written to me, E V E R Y T H I N G !!) I can feel who that person is in my heart and soul.  Sometimes it’s a good feeling and sometimes it is not.  But I still keep everything.

So for right now, I’m going to plan the day, have a bowl of cereal w/bananas.  The banana’s have finally gotten to the best point to eat them in your cereal, you know what I mean.  They aren’t sour anymore (Matthew) 🙂  Oh and my friend just called and we are going to go look for my tango dress.  She has the perfect ideas for that and I definitely need some help. So I’ll leave you with this and really this one is for you Michael !!! I ❤ you.


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