Writing 101/Day Three My 3 favorite songs

Well this is not going to be easy to narrow it down to 3.  I have a huge, ginormous (if that’s even a word) library of songs.  I am a musical theater crazy and besides that I’m married to a guy who is a romantic and gives me a new song every other day it seems.  So here I go, I’ll try to give the 3 that comes to mind right now.  The first one is Alan Jackson/Remember When.

The second song gets me right where I live, Alabama/Between the Two of Them. This song is from their child’s view of seeing mom & dad love each other. It’s a real tear jerker. I love it because I feel the love from him when I listen to it.

And now my 3rd song is what we call our, “Theme Song !!”

This truly is the song that is, “Our Song !!” Our life and our love has endured so many things. All of the crosses have only made us stronger and love each other more, because we have carried them together. They are not as heavy when you have someone to help you carry them. Starting from waking from a coma that I was in after a car accident that he witnessed, burying our second son, losing everything financially including our home and business and of course all of the drama kids have brought into our lives. Our marriage is like a bone.   Each time it has been broken it has come back stronger. He has shown me what a man is, what a father is and what a loving husband is. I am so thankful I have such a wonderful partner to go through this thing called life.

I love you Michael.  Thanks for all the songs that you gave me.  I sing them in my heart ❤

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