Hello Tuesday

Here’s my video/song for the day. I smile and I cry every time I watch this. I love ❤ Simon's expressions and reactions to her. This is such an inspiring music video…Enjoy !!!

So today I am going to menu plan, make a grocery list and finish cleaning out the refrigerator.  I am going to start cooking again.  I am very good at that (comes from my Italian grandmama) and it is very therapeutic.  I love to cook I'm just not use to cooking for two.  I don't think that will be a problem, it's just different than cooking for 7.  I think it will be much better because there won't be so many different palettes that I need to please.  The husband is so easy, meat & potaoes, veggies and bread.  He likes anything for dessert.  He just loves eating at home.  Tonight it's going to be dinner at the sports bar though so we can watch our Chicago Blackhawk's 🙂  Woo Hoo, this is just one of our favorite things to do.  I guess now that baseball has started we'll be there a lot.  We are really enjoying this time in our lives.  Just me and him.  We get along great and life is just easier.  I loved having the kids around, but now I love just having him around.  We get to give each other more attention and that just feels really good.

Getting excited for the playoff's.  I hope they go far because we are going to be there.  How cool will that be going to the Stanley Cup finals, OMG.  You really have to be a hockey fan to know what I'm feeling.  Connor got me interested hockey a few years back and now I schedule my life around the games.  When he was younger following hockey, I remember him complaining once when the season was over and there were no games go watch.  I didn't get it then, but I thought it was so cute when he was walking around the house saying, "Isn't there a game on or something !!"  I get it now.  I hate it when the season ends.  Thank God for baseball even though I'm not as big of a fan of baseball as I am of hockey.  At least there is something to watch and follow.  Hopefully our Chicago White Sox will be good this year.  I hope the home opener was not a preview of the season.  They lost 10 to 1 vs. Kansas City Royals.

Okay enough of sports.  This week I am going to get my kitchen centered and spring cleaned.  I'm going to bring my organizational book out of retirement, dust it off and get back to living.  I am going to update my planner and go downstairs and see what's down there.  I have a lot of projects down there that I can work on.  So that is the day.  It's a good day for inside work because it's dreary, cold and rain.

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