Day 1 Writing 101-Stream Unconsciousness/20 minutes

So happy Easter everyone.  I had a wonderful day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  We had Easter Brunch at the Four Season’s hotel, just me and the husband.  It was peaceful and no drama.  That was the most refreshing part of the day.  Nice and quiet, no deadlines, no crying, no fighting.  It was totally appreciated and I felt blessed to share the day with my husband who loves me and treats me like a queen.  He is a wonderful man, a great father and the most loving of husband’s. I bought a new outfit, all bright pink & yellow. It was really pretty. Some new jewelry too. The food put me into a food coma. It was beautiful and tasted as good as it looked. Here are the pictures of my Easter afternoon





Dessert/I think I got my money out of it...
Dessert/I think I got my money out of it…




The weather was sunny and springlike. April shower’s for the week though. I’m going to re-do the kitchen. Get it centered and re-stocked. Menu plan with healthy meals and juicing. I got a really cool new juicer and it is the bomb. Really helps you get your fruits and I have to research some really good vegetable smoothies. When I find them, I’ll post the recipe’s. Right now I am just making great orange/pineapple juice. Sometimes I’ll throw some strawberries in it.

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