Happy Monday

I was looking for, “Monday, Monday.” But I really like this one from the movie, “The Bridesmaids !!

Well I have had the best Easter.  Today I woke up and was just so happy with my life.  I am such a lucky lady.  I am healthy, which is everything to me.  I am loved by the best man in the whole world.

The, "Man !!"
The, “Man !!”
True Love
True Love

He is kind, he is funny and makes me laugh.  He gets up and goes to work everyday for me.  He is the best father anyone could have ever wanted.  We have been together 39 years this year.  We will be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary in August.  He makes it possible for me to be the best I can be.  We watch every sport together.  I love, love love hockey though.  We are going to  go to the playoff’s and if the Blackhawk’s make it to the Stanley Cup playoff’s we are going to that !!! OMG  How cool will that be.  Like I said, Happy Monday.  I am one lucky lady to have the blessings I have in my life.  Like I said in my profile statement, my life isn’t perfect.  I just choose to stay with the positive aspects of my life.  Everyone has something, and my life is no different.   I just choose not to go there.  I have such good friends and we take care of each other and for that I am truly thankful for.  I love you Cheryl, Lisa, Beth, Maria.  The list goes on so right there to have all of those friends is such a blessing.  So I say thank you to God for giving me another day, week.  For protecting us from illness and helping us to recover from that awful flu.  It’s God’s plan and he is in charge of everything so I thank him for taking care of me and my family.

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