Day 4

Well I was looking for a video that would make me feel better to share with you and this is as good as I got. Oh dear God let me be better soon, I’m really losing it 😦

I have been in bed now for 4 days.  Still running a fever.  Went to the doctor’s yesterday and he gave me some pretty strong meds, which I still have not been able to take.  If you know me, that’s what I do.  I go to the doctor’s to get better and he gives me medicine and I don’t take it.  I think it’s because I have been surrounded by medical people all my life. What’s the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss.”  Well the stories I have heard for my entire life gives me pause when I take medicine other than an aspirin or an allergy pill.  OMG he gave me 800 mg. tablets of Ibruprofen 3x’s a day, and I asked him for Tylenol #2.  I guess they don’t make that anymore, now it’s Tylenol #3.  Well not sure about that one either, so I’m still just taking my little advil and chlortrimeton.   Oh and when he listened to my lungs he said they were very quiet.  You’d think that was good, but I guess I wasn’t exchanging much oxygen.   Whatever that means.  He said I shouldn’t worry as long as I don’t get blue around my lips.  Ya think, ahhhhhh !!!!

I have been watching tv for the last four days too. How sad, those 149 souls lost.  Think of how many lives that is going to affect.  What has happened to this world.  The evil that is out there is so apparent.  What right did he have to end those people’s lives.  Like I said for those of you who don’t think there is a hell or the devil is real, there is your proof.  He doesn’t sit down there all by himself.  I know in our quest for seeing the good in all men, it is hard for us to comprehend the devil’s evil hand.   That is the devil’s greatest accomplishment is he would have us all believe he isn’t real and hell doesn’t exist, but I’m pretty sure it does.  I am a mother who has seen the face of God, when I gave birth to my 5 children.  I have also seen the evil that the devil does.  I just try to keep praying.  I believe that in the end God will win, good will overcome evil.  And for this I pray everyday and night.

Well today is done, I pray I get a good night’s sleep and wake tomorrow feeling half human once more 🙂  Positive thoughts please !!!

4 Comments on “Day 4

    • I think it’s too late for a speedy recovery, but thanks anyway. Everyday it just gets a wee bit better and I do mean a wee bit. But that’s enough for me. At least, I think I’m on the back side. Had to postpone our Easter break out east w/the guys. Getting too old to just jump right back in the saddle ❤

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