Good Monday Morning


So let’s start off the day with 5 great things that happened this weekend.  1.  The weather was good !!  2. I went to the dentist.  Hey that’s always good.  Plus our dentist, Dr. Scott is a really close family friend so he is not allowed to hurt you and if he does you can get mad at him and that would bother him, so he doesn’t ever hurt you 🙂 3.  The Blackhawk’s won, woo hoo.  Patrick Sharp got 2 goals and that’s good because he hasn’t scored since like January and he was getting all worried.  Oh and now we are only 3 points in back of St. Louis and Nashville.  4.  I got to ichat with Connor my youngest out in VA last night and Mr. Jinx (our cat).  Who gets to ichat with their cat.  He looks good. The cat I mean ❤ frain-blythe-1 5.  The best of all our Matthew is doing so well.  This week it’s showtime for his piece at richmond ballet. This is our Matthew and Randy. Such a great friendship. Thank you Randy ❤ This is the link to the article written about our son Matthew and his really good friend Randy Blythe who also just happens to be the lead singer of the band, “Lamb of God !!” It’s really cool Metal Rock meets Classical Ballet. Who knew this ballet thing would lead to our son in the RollingStones rock magazine. I can’t tell you how proud we are of him.

The show is this week and I would’ve really loved to have gone out there and see the show, but it was not in the cards for this week. I don’t have to be there to appreciate it. We talk all the time and he sends me pictures/videos so I know what he’s doing. We met Randy this past Christmas and he was just the nicest guy. It’s like when you meet a person for the first time and they welcome you into their space, no hesitations. Like you already know each other because of the link you have had with him already because he is Matthew’s friend. I have talked on the phone with him many times so it really was like I knew him and he knew me.



Okay so I’m not very good at the appearance of these clip art things, but I will get it.  But I can’t waste anymore time on this part of my post.  Okay today I am going to get my grocery list done, my menu plan for St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  I am going to get the grocery shopping done, ground zero so I have a busy day.  I have some really cool recipes I want to try.  That’s right, we don’t go out and get blotto on St. Patrick’s day, what fun is that.  We just do the wear’in of the green and celebrate with good food and are people or person or you could even just go have a nice quiet dinner with yourself.  Every holiday does not have to involve getting wasted.  In fact, newsflash, it’s probably more fun not to do that b/c you don’t wake up feeling like death and you actually had good times, good food and made some great memories.  Don’t forget to document them with pictures, i.e. the dinner and your people you shared this spring holiday with.  Remember everyone is Irish tomorrow.  Well better get to it or I won’t get any of this done.  Happy Monday

I came upon this video while I was looking for a song for St. Patrick’s Day.  It just really spoke to me.  But unfortunately I can’t fix anyone.  The only one who can fix you, is you.   It’s a good song though ❤

One Comment on “Good Monday Morning

  1. Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day too! I’ll be wearing the green tomorrow – but I pass on the corned beef and cabbage!

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