Enjoy the Irish Music, One Irish Rover by Van Morrison.  The Husband suggested this one, more Irish Songs to follow in the preparation for St. Paddy’s Day ❤

Well I really didn’t know what to write about today so I’m just going to write and see what comes out and onto the site/blog/whatever you want to call it.  I was not looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s coming up you know like in 5 days.  Well with a maiden name like mine Patti McCarty, you must know I’m just a tad bit Irish.  Then of course there’s my youngest, Connor so yes I celebrate it by cooking a corned beef and cabbage i.e. a boiled dinner, complete with corn muffins w/honey butter and some cool green minty cake thing for dessert.  Yes I wear green and I look for the lucky leprechauns, which I never see.  I do have the luck of the Irish.  I wasn’t looking forward to it because there is no one here to cook for but I got inspired and I don’t care if no one is here to cook for I’m going to cook for me and the husband.  My usual, corned beef and cabbage.  I’m going to use the crock pot this time though.  I going to make beer bread, got a great recipe using only 4 ingredients, my pistachio salad, and some cool looking cupcakes.  Then I will have plenty for left overs.  I make a to die for corned beef hash that is wonderful.

Well I am going to put up the complete menu with recipes and maybe I’ll even put up some pictures of my St. Paddy’s Day Dinner.  It is spring and it is time to get motivated and inspired.  Next I’ll maybe even do some spring cleaning and purging.  That is always a motivator for me.  Summer plans/vacations-(maybe Vegas)/new summer clothes/storms.  The list is endless of good things to come

Today is Thursday and people are now referring to it as, “Throwback Thursday.”  I’ll tell  you a funny story.  Only the old people like me will get it or find it funny 🙂  I was at the grocery store yesterday.  A 20/30 something looking young thing was telling  someone about a musical she went to that was really good.  Well all I had to hear was musical and my ears perked up.  Love, love, love ❤ the theater.  She said it was so good.  It was about a rock band, and that it had to do with a pinball wizard.  Well I knew what it was immediately.  It was, “Tommy,” by The Who.  She continued with the story and when the person she was telling the story to asked her who it was about i.e. the band, she said, “I don’t know??”  I told her it was The Who, and she said I just said I didn’t know who.  I smiled politely and said never mind 🙂  I felt like I was a dinosaur.  Happy Throwback Thursday

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