Today is a day

That is what I say when I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about everything. So when the Husband asks how’s your day, I say it’s a day and he gets it. I usually try to find a song that will get me out of that place, you know that place we all go too. So the song I found to put me in a better frame of mind was, “Human” by the Killer’s. Well it really is a good song. I have a story to go along with it too, imagine that.  So put in on and listen as you read my story.

Well the first time I heard this song I was at my youngest’s summer intensive recital. He was on Joffrey in Chicago at this time. He spent like 5 weeks at a summer dance intensive. That is where they get to focus on dance. Different companies get a look at them and their dancing and they put on a show at the end of the intensive. They also get to dance with some pretty amazing instructor’s and meet dancer’s from all over the country, sometimes from other countries too !!!6615_1200961590240_1414577157_1196490_499899_n I’m pretty sure these were the kids he danced with that summer !! He is like fourth in from the left. The guy with the goofy look on his face and the curly hair and blue/plaid hoodie…

Well I wish I had the video because it brought tears to my eyes. Watching my Connor dance, and well all of the kids dancing to this amazing song was just well nothing short of amazing. The energy level in that room was off the charts. You should really go to the theater/ballet/dance concert. This is where you leave all of your worries outside and you really get what’s important in this life. Trust me, whether or not you know anyone up there on the stage performing it doesn’t matter. It just transports you to another place. It was a real family affair. We all would always go, we had a really great support system going. We still do but it’s harder because everyone has their own life and kids and stuff but me an the husband always get to a show or two !!! We are coast to coast now too so that makes it difficult

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