Spring Cleaning

Well today is February 28th, the last day of meteorological winter !!!  Woo Hoo, I guess.  But the forecast says something entirely different.  We are currently under a weather advisory for, you got it S N O W.  The forecast is, “Frigid start to the last day of meteorological winter with a potential record low.  20/18”    I don’t care, I am going to be ready for spring.  I am going to pack away anything that even remotely looks like winter.  Snowman, snowman picture, winter candles, blah, blah, blah.

I am going to start planning spring cleaning, vacations, outside work i.e. refresh landscaping, planting flowers, cleaning garage, garage sales, and on and on and on…   Oh and we can’t forget the fun stuff like how much weight we need to lose, shopping for that new bathing suit, ugh.  I don’t know about you, but I dread those dressing rooms with the mirrors & lighting in a bathing suit.  My body can’t possible look that bad, but oh well.  Funny story.  When I went shopping one year for a new bathing suit, I took along my youngest son Connor.  He was like in 2nd grade.  Well being the mom who could not let her kids out of her site when they were that age I took him into the dressing room with me.  He was young enough that it didn’t matter.  So I try on my first suit and I look, well you know totally out of shape and just not really what you want to look like in a bathing suit.  I mean certainly I don’t expect to look like a, “Sports Illustrated” model after 5 kids, but really I wished I had look a bit better.  I am not really heavy, just really out of shape and those extra 5/10 lbs we get during the colder months aren’t helping.  So Connor is with me and starts to laugh, probably because he was just a little uncomfortable and probably because I look kind of funny.  So I laughed with him.  Then I tried on the next suit, and again he started laughing.  I didn’t think it was so funny this time because his laughter was a bit more robust and he couldn’t stop laughing.  I told him it’s not that funny, and to be quiet.  I wasn’t amused anymore.  Well he just could not stop laughing so I told him to go sit outside the dressing room while I finished but he was still laughing and I could hear him.  So I told him to leave the dressing room area entirely and go sit in that chair outside of the dressing room area.  You know the chair ladies.  The one the husband/boyfriend sits in while he waits for you.  Still I heard him laughing.  OMG, I didn’t look that ridiculous and it wasn’t that funny.  Now I am totally annoyed with him.  I came out and said just go, I don’t care how far, just go so I can’t hear you anymore.  Well if you know I am with my kids and not letting them out of my site, especially at a mall, then you would know how seriously ticked off I was.   Back inside the dressing room I figure the moment has been lost and I am no longer in the mood to try on clothes.  So I got dressed and went out to collect my Connor.  When I went back out into the store, I didn’t see him anywhere.  My heart stopped for a second with that rush of adrenalin, “Where did he go?  I was scanning the area quickly.”  You could hear a pin drop and my heart beating, my Connor wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Then all of the sudden I heard this funny little laugh coming from a dress rack.  He had gone into the middle of a rack of dresses, and he was still laughing.  I too started laughing because he was just so darn cute.  Kids are real and they just don’t have a filter which is sometimes not such a bad thing !!!

Okay, we really need to start that spring cleaning.  It’s been a long, long winter and I am actually excited for the spring.  I am hoping that you will help me keep on task.  I am going to be posting some pictures of where I’m going to start.  Before and after pictures.  My first spot is my desk where I work.  It should be cleaned and organized to help me plan my cleaning and organizing schedule.  Feel free to post your own hot spots or hot messes I like to call them ❤  Good luck and Happy Spring 🙂  But first I post a picture of my Kitchen so you know that my whole house isn’t totally out of control ❤

This is my Kitchen which is always pretty much in order.
This is my Kitchen which is always pretty much in order.
These are some fresh flowers I bought yesterday to get me into the mood for spring.  It was nice to wake up to them in my kitchen.  <3
These are some fresh flowers I bought yesterday to get me into the mood for spring. It was nice to wake up to them in my kitchen.                            
My supplies another hot spot !!!!
My supplies another hot spot !!!!
My working desk i.e. a Hot Mess !!!
My working desk i.e. a Hot Mess !!!

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