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These are my favorite pack’s. They are from the grocery store, from somewhere in America. These are the best that I have found ❤

Okay blogger’s I know it’s Valentine’s Day and all but it is freezing where I’m at, so I am going to stay in all day and work on my book, my blog and keep warm.   The wind is blowing so hard and the wind chill is going down below zero so I’m not going out at all.  The forecast for the day is a ‘Coldhearted’ Valentine’s Day in store for the city ❤ HI/LO 20 degrees/-5 degrees  Strong winds and falling temperatures produce a bitterly cold Valentine’s Day (Good weather for snuggling with your honey)

I have my coffee and my paczki pronounced  P O O N C H K E Y.  At least that is how we pronounce it here in my home.  It is kind of a tradition, coming up on Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.   I still need some feed back on the book. It is a good story, so maybe you just need to get into the story.  I’m sure if you read it, it will spark the writer in you and the reader of mystery novels.

Here’s where I left off.  Oh and I know by my blog isn’t the prettiest of blogs, but stay tuned it is going to get better.  I am a 50 something grandmama and these things take time.  I was not weened on this electronic stuff.  In college I took a computer science class.  We were learning how to write programs in basic computer language and cobalt.  This was so 80’s, the personal computer wasn’t even invented yet or the internet or anything so let’s give me a break all you tech giants with the beautiful blogs.  Can use all the help I can get 🙂

Okay now back to my mystery novel.  Right where I left off.

“Slowly my senses awakened.  I was still so cold, still trying to get some warmth from my body heat under the blanket.  I didn’t want to wake up.  I wanted to stay asleep, so I  just ignored all of the noise that was waking me up.  My hair was in my face, getting in my mouth.  I pushed it away, totally aggravated that I was now awake and not going back to sleep.  SHE was out in the kitchen making coffee and way too much noise.  I thought, SHE’S doing that on purpose just to piss me off and wake me up.  Why does SHE have to be here.  Why couldn’t dad be making the coffee.  No it had to be her.

The thoughts of Lucy started to creep in.  I could feel the tears start to well up again in my eyes.  All of the pain was right there in front of my face.  No, I thought.  I can’t start crying again or I’ll go crazy,  Why couldn’t it of been HER that was killed.  What a terrible thought, but I wished it were true.  It didn’t matter, nothing mattered anymore.

Do you want some coffee?”  SHE asked.  I must have drifted off to sleep again, because when I looked up SHE was dressed and was eating some toast.  I didn’t want anything, especially from HER.   I remembered saying no to HER request.  I had to play the game because of dad.  I played it well, Lucy had not.  SHE was so stupid, SHE didn’t have a clue how me and Lucy felt about her.  SHE was fine as long as she could shop and travel,  As long as SHE could be out spending my father’s money, she didn’t care much about anything else.  SHE had a gym membership, SHE was a member of the wine club at the fine dining restaurant in town and let’s not forget about that mouth of new teeth that SHE had got to the tune of $60,000 + in cold hard cash.  Before she married my father, she didn’t even have a TV set.  She would come over to watch TV at his house.  But she would have us believe that she loved him, yeah right.  Loved his money.  We knew it would be just a matter of time till she got rid of us.  We were standing in-between my dad’s money and her.   When you googled, “Bitch,” her picture came up.  Not really but it should have.

I had to get up.  I just couldn’t sleep with her around.  SHE disapproved of everything I did.  You know like breathing, talking and walking.  I got up and started to make my way upstairs.  When I passed HER, SHE didn’t stand there with her usual attitude like, “Are you still alive.”  When I got upstairs I looked back down at HER, and SHE actually looked sad for me.  Like SHE had regrets.  About what I couldn’t even venture a guess.  SHE was probably thinking why couldn’t they have both been in that car together?  Then I would be rid of them both.  Problem sovled for her.

Everything was different now.  My room looked different.  Everyday tasks seemed so trivial.  Taking showers, getting dressed-what to where, putting on make-up.  Who cares, why I thought.  What was the point of it all.  Nothing seemed to matter.  How was I going to get through the day, let alone the rest of my life.  I now understood the concept of suicide, even though I would never do something like that.  I was too afraid of death to ever take my own life.  That’s the only thing that you can’t ever come back from.  It’s final.  Besides that, I’m Catholic and I was taught that I would go to hell, even though I was pretty much there already.   Suicide was for coward’s.  Lucy always said that it was the easy way out and definitely would not approve of that solution.  She always said that was no solution anyway, it would just create more problems.

Okay so blogger’s need some feedback.  What do you think, is it good, throw it away and start over, what.  Please tell tell, trust me I can take it.  If you like it that’s okay to, I can always use encouragement.   Who can’t.  Thanks, please read & reply.  Thanks ❤ “(C) All rights reserved.”

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