The Book

The Drop Off
The Drop Off

So I’m going to give you a little background on my book that I have started.  It is a mystery involving two sisters.  One of the sisters dies accidentally, but the other sister doesn’t think it was an accident.  It has a Ray Bradbury kind of feel to it. Her spirit is still around, letting her sister know her death was no accident.  The sister is using all of the new ways of communicating, ichat, texting, twitter whatever she can to guide her sister to find out the truth.  She’s using this kind of communication because that is how they kept in touch because they lived far away from each other.   It’s odd because the father’s wife is getting in the way, so that brings some suspicion on her.  There is also an omnipresent force of good, keeping the other sister one step ahead.   So that is where my story is going.  I hope this will help you to give me some ideas.

So back to the book.  It sort of resembles what I experienced.  The father’s little wife that is just really interested in his money and breaking the family even more.  Yes, I guess she’s pretty much the home wrecker.  I just felt comfortable about writing what I know about first hand.  There will be twists and turns and I’m not sure how much truth will be in the fiction.  Probably not a lot, as I want it to be more entertaining than mirroring real life wrongs.  That is no fun to read.

So I’m going to put some of it up tomorrow, and as alway anything I write is mine and is protected by my copywrite.

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