My Bedroom

IMG_1045IMG_1015 IMG_0758This is my favorite place in the whole world.  It is safe and warm, peaceful.  I have a beautiful king size bed with an electric blanket.  At night while I’m washing my face and doing my nighttime routine, I make sure to turn it on so that it is nice and warm when I get into bed.

Next to my side of the bed I have a  beautiful desk that has all my stuff on it.  Paper and journals, with all of my favorite pens.  There are books I’m reading, books I want to read, my kindle of course.  There are monthly magazines on how to organize,  how to make dinner in one pot, and loose 1″ a week from your belly.

I have snacks, oh do I have snacks.  My favorite one right now is brownie brittle.  OMG it is sooooo good.  When I get down to my last bag, I put a trip to the grocery store on my, “To Do” list right away.

I have an atomizer for my aroma therapy.  Every night that is going with some kind of synergy aroma.  Breath Easy, Peace, Calming, A Good Night’s Sleep, etc.  It has warm  lighting too.  It changes automatically.

Then my two most favorite additions to the entire place are the girls.  Miss Elsa and Bella, my two dogs.  They both sleep in our room.  Elsa will sleep in her bed, tucked away in the corner until I come to bed and put her up with me.  She is old and can’t see very well anymore and can’t jump that high either.  Bella keeps my bed warm for me until I get into bed.  When that happens, she retires to her chair.

My room, it’s my safe peaceful place.  Warm and full of love ❤

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