My first dancing class

So today I took my first dancing class.  A little back story first.  My two boys are professional dancer’s.  They dance on a professional company.  One of my dreams are to someday dance with them at their wedding.  Now neither of them are even close to that, I figure if I start now I’ll be ready for that dance with the groom’s mom.  Funny thing, when we have been guest’s at weddings and I would ask them if they would dance with me, their comeback was I don’t know that kind of dance.  Yeah, right.  Well we went out this past Christmas and saw them in the Nutcracker (Our Matthew was the Snow King and he was beautiful, I cried and cried) okay move one.  Anyways both were in the party scene and they were dancing some beautiful waltz’s to Tchaikovsky’s music.  So, so much for we don’t know that kind of dancing.  If they can dance ballet, they can pretty much dance anything !!!IMG_1606IMG_1607IMG_1604IMG_1684IMG_1689IMG_1662So Connor is the Russian and Matthew was the dancing bear in those photo.  Well I’ll tell you more about them and their dancing later, back to my first dancing class.  

It was so much fun and the people were so very nice.  I have always wanted to dance and the husband is just going to have to get over it and put his dancing shoes on and learn too.  I figured it would just be easier if I learned first.  I won’t dance with him.  He throws me around and he thinks that is dancing.  He tries though, so I ❤ him for the effort, but I’m not getting thrown around anymore.  

Life has been challenging for about 6 months now, so I’m just trying to even things out by doing something positive to cancel out the negative.  It helps and God has sent down his angel’s to me and I’m getting a lot of hugs from people.  It really helps.  I need all of the hugs I can get now too.  

So I think if you are having a hard time, or a negative is coming into your window go try something new.  Take a dance class, learn how to play the piano, join a choir and sing.  The arts were put there for a reason and I think they are there to take us out of this thing called life.  Which can be very cruel sometimes.  I ❤ you guys.  Scarlett79   Thanks for reading.  p.s.  I don’t care if I’m doing this right, it feels right so that’s something.IMG_1816

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