New Name, New Year, New Life

So I have renamed my title.  I guess I’m still a mom, but I’m more than that.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a mom but it’s time to move on to my own life.  Scarlett represents something totally else for me.  She is a fictional character, “Gone With the Wind.”  She is strong, and she doesn’t give up.  She is passionate about what she believes in and she will fight for those beliefs.  She has a spine of steel and she will not bend to be liked or accepted.  That is me.  People have always taken my kindness for a weakness and that is their 1st mistake.  I gave a lot of myself away but I’ve kept the best for me.  Now it’s my turn to see what I can be.  I’m still standing and that says so much for who I am.  I do not compromise with the devil.  He is in back of me and always will be.  I have God as my witness and that is all I need.  So I hope you will read my blog.  I promise you it won’t be boring, and it won’t always be sweetness and light.  It will be real, like me and you.  Come along for the journey.  IMG_1703My Guys<3IMG_1552IMG_1688

3 Comments on “New Name, New Year, New Life

  1. These are my guys, the real deal. They love their family and they are fine young men. They don’t leave. We stay strong as a F A M I L Y. We are “Igging” it out together. We take the drama out of our lives, and surround each other with love ❤ If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Thank you guys. We love you…

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