The Chicago Blackhawks

Well if I’m going to talk about a loss, I am first going to have to talk about a win. The Chicago Blackhawk’s 2010 Stanley Cup season. It all started in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was in a hotel room with my kids. I don’t remember the hotel only that is was across the street from the Mall of America. We were in Minneapolis on a short vacation. The guys were going to see the Minnesota Twins vs. someone (I don’t remember who).

I wasn’t a hockey fan at all. You see I have 2 boys, along with the husband, and that is all my family does with it’s recreation time. If there is a ball or puck involved they follow the sport. My husband is a die hard Chicago White Sox fan. That was our first date, the White Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewers. They were in the American League so that should tell you something about how long this relationship is because now they are in the National League. Actually when I think about it, I think they are all die hard baseball fans. They watch football and basketball, and they like the college football too. My youngest, Connor is the die hard hockey fan. He is the one who got us all into hockey.

Hockey didn’t do much for me. I went to a couple of games, but it was just okay. Well then everything changed that day in Minneapolis. They were in the finals. I was sort of watching/listening to what was going on but whatever, it was just another hockey game to me. I think they were playing the Pittsburg Penguins but don’t quote me on that. Well they lost the game and Connor was very upset because he said they should have one. He wanted them to win so bad and so did all the other guys. I tried to cheer him up. I told him someone has to win, someone has to lose, blah, blah, blah. He just told me mom you don’t understand, it’s not just a game it’s the C U P. Well I guess I better start watching so I do understand.

The next game came. It was early in the day I think. Me and Connor were watching from our hotel room.    Matthew had to go back to Chicago for some dance thing so he was taking the bus and wasn’t there. So the game is on and it is getting real nerve wracking. I mean it was intense. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this game. I think they were in OT so next goal, someone is going to win oh my God !! They had to win because they just had to, this was the C U P !!! Next thing I know there is Patrick Kane swooping in for the shot, he shoots he scores. They just won the Stanley Cup. Connor is throwing me on the bed. I was so happy when they won. I forever was christened a hockey fan. From that moment on I was hooked. To see Patrick Kane fall to his knees, the passion he was feeling. Well I have never seen anything like that in my life.

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