Writing 101/A Character-building experience

She was of normal stature for a woman of her age.  I’d say somewhere in her mid-sixties.  Yet her smile was larger than life.  She was so happy to be here among us all, speaking to the audience about her new book she had just finished writing.  Her energy lit up the room and we were all sitting on edge of our seats with her every word.  She was more than an author.  She was your mother, your sister, your best friend.  She was so in the moment with all of us.  She calls us her girlfriends and she takes us everywhere with her.  And she really does.

Her hair was a brown, shoulder length.  Not much make-up that I could see and her smile was so genuine.   She was on a book tour promoting her new book, but she made it feel as if she had just driven up the street and stopped by the local bookstore after dinner.  She signed every copy and it was such a pleasure to talk with her.


I took my granddaughter, Gabrella with me so that she could have that experience of meeting an author.  I have been following Susan Branch for as long as I have been a homemaker.  I think I started following her right after I got married.  She is inspiring and her blog just lifts up your spirits.   I love reading her books and making her recipes.  She gave me a new love of tea & towels.  She doesn’t have any kids but she has Joe, her husband, and  two of the most lovely cats.  Her stories keep you coming back for more.  I try not to read her books too fast because then I don’t have anymore to read until she writes another one.  Sometimes I just re-read one of her older books.  Her books are like a big quilt on a rainy day, or a pot of tea in front of the fire on a winter’s night.  She also has a blog I follow and she takes comments from the girlfriends.  That would be us, who follow her blog.  Sometimes she responds back and that is just so cool.  She’ll even make it more exciting by having a drawing and if you make a comment on her blog you are automatically in the pot to win what she is giving away.  I love you Miss Susan 🙂

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