My Coastal Cottage

The sky is blue, and it has no end.  The air is filled with sea salt spray.  It is warm in the morning sun, just the right temperature.  I can hear the waves breaking on the beach from my bedroom.  I’m in bed in my coastal cottage.  My room  has a perfect view of the ocean.  I am surrounded by my comforter that is truly comforting.  It is fluffy white, while keeping me warm yet it’s cool to the touch from the outside.   From the sound of it, it is already going to be a busy day out on that beautiful big ocean.  I stay in bed for that extra 10 minutes that is so necessary to waking up.  Stretching every muscle to re-establish circulation so that I can get up and start my day.

Getting out of bed here is so easy.  I am greeted by the panoramic view of the mighty Atlantic Ocean.  I sit down in my corner bay window.  I close my eyes and take in a deep breath of that wonderful ocean air.  Exhaling, I open my eyes and see heaven.  I am truly blessed to be able to see God every morning.  The vastness of the ocean is huge, immense.  It is powerful yet so calming. I walk into my sea foam green kitchen and feel the boards, i.e. my kitchen floor, on my bare feet.  My kitchen is where my heart beats and my soul lives. It all starts here everyday. I go to my coffee bar.  This is what I really need to wake up.  I use ice cold water, clear and fresh from the tap.  I pour this into my coffee maker with my freshly ground coffee beans, I love Condesa de Costa Rica.  I always use fresh ground coffee, it just taste better.

The coffee brews quickly and I take in all of the wonderful smells of my first pot of coffee. Right next to the coffee bar are all of my favorite coffee cups stored in a quaint little cabinet that I found at a seaside shop. It has the look of being used, but it was new. Shades of teal, it matches up nicely with the color of my kitchen. There are shelves and hooks that I store my coffee cups on.  Little drawers and slots that I don’t have any trouble filling up.  I store my flavored sugars that I love, exotic teas and these simply wonderful tiny cookies and crackers that I use for my afternoon teas.  I bought some donuts from Duck Donuts yesterday and put them in this perfect bread box in the cabinet.  These donuts always taste better the next day I don’t know why.   I also have these delicate little spoons to stir my cream with.  They feel so nice in my hand when I mix my coffee.  Right next to my spoons I have on hand wonderful  little sterling silver knives for spreading my epicurean butter’s and jams.

This morning is so wonderful, I think I’ll drink my coffee out on the porch. The temperature is perfect, with only a slight ocean breeze. The direct sunlight has moved over the porch so having my coffee with a couple of the donuts I bought  from DD yesterday will be a great way to start off my day. The tourist are here, and everything has come back to life. I love seeing all of them run out to the beach.  This is vacation to them, for me it’s just everyday. I love being on vacation everyday.

My porch is perfect.  On the far end is my hammock for my lazy afternoon naps.  There is a fan directly over it in case it gets too warm in the late day sun or maybe I just want to drown out the noise with the humming of the fan.  It’s good at keeping the bugs away too so I can get my afternoon nap in.  At the other end is a comfortable bench for two so that I can share it with the love of my life.  We solve the world’s problems out on our porch.  Sometmes it is with our morning coffee or sometimes it is with our afternoon tea.  But usually when we are on our porch, the world is 1000 miles away and there are know problems.  It’s just us and that is enough for me


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