Day 1/Blogging U

So here I am sitting in my kitchen starting my day.  Writing is always a good way to start the day.  It gets rid of all the white noise, the distractions.  I just returned from a road trip with my husband and granddaughter, Gabriella.  What fun we had.  We went east.  First stop at Richmond, Va.  We dropped my #4 son back home.  Then off to the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  We have never been there.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Slow and simple.  We hope we will end up out on the east coast soon.  We are looking for a place to move to.  The food was absolutely wonderful.  The ocean had a lot of character.  The people were nice.  So that was all good.  It seems like the cost of living out there would be better.  I would be closer to the boys, which is where we want to be.  My daughter is a nurse so she can pretty much find a job anywhere.  Gabriella loved the ocean and she’s a real go-along kind of kid.  

After we went to the outer banks, we headed up to Virginia Beach.  I like Virginia Beach because it just feels closer to civilization.  You are still close to the ocean and I like the military.  It is definitely closer to the boys.  Well I am just going to have to see where God puts us.   I hope he doesn’t want us to stay here.  It’s lousy weather, I am sick of the city and the taxes are just off the charts.  The only reason that would keep me here is number 1.  The finacial aspects, i.e. Michael’s job and, number 2. If I end up going to school in the city.  But there are schools everywhere so I guess only #1 matters.  Let’s face it, number 1 always matters.  

So we got home from the road trip and everything was good.  It was good to relax and see a different part of the country.   It was a great start to the summer.  So let the party begin 🙂ImageImageImage 

2 Comments on “Day 1/Blogging U

  1. My first comment to you is that you have the most beautiful granddaughter — absolutely! She looks like such a sweet child too.

    I enjoy your writing — have signed up for your blog. THank you for sharing your life. Nancy

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