Happy Mother’s Day

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47dtFZ8CFo8iPhoto LibraryI hope everyone had the best Mother’s Day. I know I did. Matthew called me and so did Connor. They are both in Virginia dancing on Richmond Ballet, taking care of each other. Matthew is working on a show coming up soon and Connor was being a guest artist somewhere. Matthew was driving him and making sure he got to where he was going. He had to drive through the Shenendoah Mountains so I worry. But the angel’s made sure they got there and home safely. I am glad they have each other and can live the dream. They will be coming home soon for a bit this summer so I am looking forward to seeing them.

Lizzie had to work. She’s a nurse so she usually has to work the holidays. It is special because she can be with those who are ill and take care of them. She really is doing God’s work. It takes someone special to be a nurse. She is so sweet. She bought me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet. It was a Chicago Blackhawk’s charm and a t-shirt that said, “We are keeping the Cup” (The Stanley Cup for those of you who don’t follow hockey). I am a coo coo bird when it comes to Hockey. That was one more thing that made it a great day HAWKS win game three!!! It’s hard to watch when they aren’t winning like with 50 goals ahead of the other team or when it’s such an important game. Connor will be home soon to watch some of the playoffs with me. He’s the one who got me so interested in it. That is also one more thing that I love to share with the boys. When you have boys you just better like the sports thing. That was the 1st date I had with their father (38 years ago) Chicago White Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewers. But my favorite sports is Hockey !!!! G O H A W K S oh and we are keeping the cup 🙂

Me and Gabriella and the husband, Mike just hung out here. It was a warm, stormy, spring Mother’s Day. Love watching and waiting for the storms. The menu was brunch, Blueberry Muffins (made by Gabriella) scrambled eggs w/cheese, maple sausage on texas toast, coffee & juice. Dinner was my meatloaf (which is soooo good). I used some of my mango balsamic vinegar and that makes everything so good. Spaghetti and Italian Greeen Beans w/a loaf of crusty french bread.

I celebrate mother’s day because I was blessed with 5 children. I must have some good in me that He gave me 5 lives to look after. It has been such a joy to watch their lives unfold. I am proud to say that I had a played a part in it.

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