Sunday Morning’s

Miss Elsa feeds Bella
Love Sunday Mornings.  I can sleep in w/o any guilt.  It’s Sunday morning.  Of course that is possible as long as my dogs co-operate.  This morning they did not.  Well one of them didn’t, Miss Bella.  She started whimpering about 7am and that is way to early for me on Sunday morning especially when bedtime on Saturday night wasn’t til after 1am.  Nothing exotic on Saturday night, just watching, “Chopped” on the Food Channel.  So I just tried to ignore her and get her to go lay down in her sleepy time chair but she wasn’t having any of it.  Of course the husband was having no trouble sleeping even with her whimpering. I finally got up and let her out, but that was it.  No we aren’t going to eat and go out again, just hurry up and go so I can get back to my dreams !!  Well I did go back to sleep, but only for a bit.  She wanted to get up and eat and start her day so no sleeping in today.  

Getting up is not so bad, I get to have coffee and I make the best, to die for coffee.  There is nothing like that first cup of coffee.  Mine is the best.  I always add a little pumpkin spice w/a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  I know I’m tempted sometime to add just Bailey’s but that would be way to early and it would ruin my first cup of coffee for the day.  I always brew Costa Rica blend that I get from Gloria Jeans.  I’ve tried other’s but that’s my favorite.

After getting the coffee started I get the dogs set.  Actually, I have to chase Mr. Jinx around the house to get him to go downstairs in the basement so the dogs can come out.  He just has the best time running away from me.  First he’ll go behind the couch, then under the dining room table.  Finally he will jump up on the refrigerator to the top of the cabinet.  Then I have to risk life and limb with the spatula, poking at him to get down.  If that doesn’t work, I go get the catnip and that will usually get him down.  So now once he’s down,I put him in the basement and I bring out the dogs to be fed and taken out.  

Miss Bella is easy.  She goes out back does her business and comes back in and eats.  Done.  Miss Elsa is my little old lady.  She is a little more challenging. If it’s winter, she doesn’t want to go out at all.  It’s cold and she doesn’t like the cold at all.  Sometimes when it’s real cold, she will just go and get back in as fast as she can.  But usually it is, “I’m not going out in that freezing cold world.”  So I put a sweater on her (she has a fur coat, for God’s sake) and boots.  Then she doesn’t like the boots, so she pulls them off.  Finally I get her to do her business, and on the rare occasion she does both and I am just thrilled.

Now it’s time to feed her.  I give her the dry food w/some bits i.e. treats.  The food already has kibbles in it, but she needs treats in it too.  Then I top it with a cookie, i’m not kidding.  This is what she has for breakfast.  She’ll eat that, but just the treats and the cookie.  Sometimes, this also is a rare occasion, she’ll eat all her food.  If she doesn’t eat it all, Miss Bella will come over and finish it.  Actually she takes out the black kibbles and puts them to the side for Miss Bella and eats the rest.  If she leaves any food at all, Miss Bella will finish it.

Now I get to sit down and enjoy my Sunday paper.  I check the weather first.  Really that’s all I read in the paper.  I like to read the sports too, who knew.   Especially now with the Blackhawk’s in the playoffs.  Then me and my Gabriella, (granddaughter) we like to divide up the special sections of advertising.  It’s kind of like when you were a kid and the Sears Christmas Catalog came.  You could look at all the stuff you wanted.  She calls Sunday, Special Paper Day.  

It doesnt last too long.  The house wakes up.  Lizzie starts the dryer, I don’t know why.  Then to the kitchen to start her day.  Glass of oj and Gabriella starts with the electronics.  Michael wakes up and ask me why I let him sleep so long.  My quiet little piece of the morning is gone.  It doesn’t last very long but my house is a happy home with a lot of life in it.  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  

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