Good Morning World

1497545_10202029894733126_8476627267307652594_n10153005_10202029894773127_1878987349293834710_n10006185_10201993896393190_7321446074037786063_n“Stick to the fight when your hardest hit, it’s when things seem worst that you must not quit !!!”  This keeps playing over in my head.  It’s a good line.  My daughter, Elizabeth’s face appears in my my mind when I think of that line.  She has a gorgeous smile.  A smile that screams sunshine.  Her smile says to me, just because I’m smiing, doesn’t mean my life has been easy.  It doesn’t mean that something is not bothering me.  I just chose to move on, and not dwell on the negatives in my life.  Every new moment gives me a chance to renew, anew.  I choose to be that 🙂 (written from somewhere, idk where but it’s a nice sentiment) and I chose to use it.  

I see her and I am privlegded  to say I got to help her build her life.  She makes me proud.  She is a strong, really smart young woman, mother, daughter, sister and she is my friend.  As a mom I know all the different hats we wear, juggling many balls in the air.   I have seen all that it has taken my girl to reach this success.  She just doesn’t quit and as long as you don’t quit you are still in the game.  It’s called, “Character”.  Some people have it, some people don’t.  She does and I am so happy to see that smiling face, in her nursing scrubs.  

She’s a great nurse and an even better mom.  Her little Gabriella is just the most beautiful little girl.  She keeps me young and anything that can do that is a plus in my life.  I love my girls, they are a gift.  ImageImage  

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