Connor Frain

He is our youngest.  What a great guy he is too !!!  He makes me laugh.  He got me so into hockey.  I mean crazy, rabid Blackhawk’s fan.  On game day, any game day I wear just one of many of the shirts/sweaters whatever that has the Indianhead on it.  And if I get into my pj’s during one of the two intermissions during the game, I put on my Blackhawk pj’s.  Really I am so into hockey.  I really miss not being able to watch the games with him.  But no matter, I still watch.  I think I have only missed one game this year.  We went and saw the Annaheim Ducks this past year.  It was so much fun.   Looking forward to the playoffs.  I hope my heart can take it.

He has been a wonderful son to raise.  Healthy, good looking, and even though he was suppose to be the sister for Elizabeth I am so glad he was Connor.  I love that name and he is so Connor, i.e. Connie is what a lot of people call him.  He is a great dancer/performer.  He has been on that stage since he was 4 years old.  So professional.  When he was doing a show, (I think he was in 2nd grade, it was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) he had balllet shoes on for dancing.  One of the dancers smashed his foot with her character heels, but even though his foot was badly injured and bleeding he kept on dancing.  A real professional even way back then.  

It has been an honor to watch him grow into the professional ballet dancer that he has become.  Such hard work.  High school was work.  He got up every morning at 6 am to catch a train at 7am to catch the bus in Chicago at 8 am to get to school The Chicago Academy of the Arts.  From there he would do classes from 9 am/1pm then dance til 5pm.  That was an early day when he would catch the 5:30 pm train to get home by 6:30 pm eat, do homework and then bed.  When it wasn’t the early day, he would be dancing somewhere i.e. Joffrey or getting ready for a show and sometimes (a lot of times) he wasn’t home until 10 pm.  Five days a week and a lot of weekends he had shows.

As a mom, it was hard to watch because I had to let go.  It really just takes on a life of its own and you have to let it go. Let him go.  But I was back stage for a lot of it, and I know.  I saw and some of it was not so great.  But he loves it.  He has to love it because it is just to hard to do without the passion he feels.  I love watching him perform.  So next time you go to a show, I hope you know how hard those performer’s have worked to entertain you.  They love performing, they love the stage, they love you the audience.  It’s now about the money or the fame, because it’s just to hard to do for that.  It’s about the passion they have for their art.  For the love of doing it.  MomImageImage

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