Time and how did I get so old so fast…

It really is like they say, as you get older time goes faster.  You know how much faster the toilet paper rolls when it gets to the end, right.  I don’t care.  I love being older.  I love all my wrinkles, I have worked very hard to get them and they are who I am.  They define me.  I love the knowledge that I have gained only by being older.  It’s like you can’t teach what I know, you can only learn it from Father Time.  Lessons from life.  Some have been valuable lessons, others not so much.  But I am better for having learned them.  My faith has grown deeper with everyday of my life.  There is something larger than me and this world.  I only know it is a superior being, really the only name I can give it is God.  A plan for how everything is to work.  I am not going to get into the philosophy of it all, because it really is too large for my brain to think about.  I just love getting up everyday and being a part of the plan.  Because I am, no matter how small a role I play in the larger scheme of things.  

We all are really part of the plan.  I like to think that I am making the world a better place just because I am here.  I am grateful for my children and my husband.  They bring so much beauty into the world.  My Husband is a really talented artist.  He just paints one picture after another.  Each one more beautiful than the last one.  He never took any art classes, he just does it from instinct.  He is really smart too!!!  I think it is because of all of the books he has read.  A very active mind.  He sees so much that he just puts in out in art form.  

Then you have my boys who are amazing artist’s in their own right.  They are ballet dancer’s.  They dance  out in Richmond, VA.  They have worked very long and very hard to get where they are at today.  They started dancing and being onstage at very young ages.  Matthew was in 6th grade and Connor was in 2nd grade.  They have been doing this for a very long time.  They are very disciplined young men.  They love what they do.  I wish I could see them dance more, but they are very far away.  I am just happy that technology has come this far and I can see a lot online.  

My daughter is a nurse.  A really good nurse too!!!  My mom was a nurse, my sister is a nurse and a lot of my friends are nurses. I have been around nursing all my life.  I could not do that.  It takes someone very special to care for the sick.  I am way to sensitive for that.  It has been hard enough just being a mom.  

Being a mom is not an easy job.  It definitely is not for the faint of heart.  It requires a lot of commitment and love.  It is very hard work.  But I have loved being a mom.  There really is no better job than this.  I have learned so much about unconditional love and how to live life, from this job.  When I think about what will I leave here when I go to heaven, I hope I have written my book.  Or that I will have all of my newspapers archived.  That my 10 year journal’s will be completed (a lot of 10 year journals) and my weather journals will tell some kind of story.  But if I don’t have any of that done, I will have left the world with my kids and that is a pretty great thing.  That is how I changed this big old world, how I left my mark.  My kids, and my Gabriella.  The world is a better place because I was here and because they were here.  I love you family…Image  


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