Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve


It wouldn’t be Christmas w/o the Nutcracker !!  That’s my Matthew up there.  He’s the guy w/the girl and then there he is disguised as a dancing bear.  Well we so wanted to go see the Nutcracker, but I was too sick this month.  Frist year I did not see the Nutcracker.  So sad, but I’m feeling better and that is making me happy…

Yes it is the night before Christmas Eve and all through my house, yes I’ll be honest, it’s a mess.  But I really have learned that Christmas is not about a clean house, with presents all neatly wrapped and under the tree.  I really have been searching for the meaning of this one day.  First that’s really it, it’s one day people.  My daughter was upset because she has to work both Christmas and Christmas Eve.  She’s a nurse.  But how wonderful for those people she is caring for.  She is such a great nurse and they really need her.  I told her that her little girl will be fine (she’s a single mom, and they both live with us).  I told her we will have our arms around her and she’ll be so happy with all of the toys that santa is bringing and she’ll be to busy playing with her uncles to even know her mom is missing.  We will be taking a trip to where she works and spread some more joy for those folks who find joy in the small things in life.

Well the boys will be flying home tomorrow.  I am soooo excited to see them.  I haven’t seen them since August, and Connor’s my baby .  So looking forward to watching the Blackhawks with him and just hanging out w/my family.  I truly am so lucky to have a family.  They are the reason I get up every morning.  We don’t have a perfect life, because we aren’t perfect people.  We love each other and it’s good to have a family.

Well we will all be together and that is so good.  The personalities are so interesting.  The dogs just love when the boys come home.  That is a reunion that is so fun to watch.  So I’ll let you know how it goes.  It should be a great Christmas.  Because when the Frain’s get together it is always interesting.

So for Christmas Eve dinner we will be having Italian Beef Sandwiches w/peppers & mozzarella – Vodka Rigatoni – Chopped Salad Shrimp Cocktail Tray & Cheddar Bay Biscuits – Vegetable Tray – Celebration Punch.  So we will have plenty of food.

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