Christmas 2013

Well this is going to be a Christmas.  Let’s see I have been sick since December 1st.  No really, I have literally been sick w/bacterial pneumonia and my asthma.  So the Christmas tree just got put up and I have done no shopping,  The shopping I did get done was through Amazon and I gave them the wrong address.  So that was just a huge mess.  It’s not been a great year but I am really just praying to God to give me the strength to see all of the blessings he has given me this year.  It is really better to think about all of the good than the not so good.

I have a great husband who is just beyond amazing.  He is my rock.  He is well educated and has a really good job.  But more than that he is an awesome artist.  You should go look at his artwork. It is on Elan Creations.  I wish I could give you a link, but I’m just not that good with this computer.ImageImageImage

So these are just a few of his older paintings.  He’s really very talented  Here

is his latest.  The title of it is, “Strictly Business.”  I think we can see where Michael

the artist is right now.  It’s really telling…  He really is very good at his art

So you should go check out his other stuff.  It is at Elan Creations or  on Etsy

I think under Michael Frain…

Strictly Business
Strictly Business

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