February 25,2012

IMG_1029Today was a good day:)  Spent it with the husband as most weekends are.  Read the paper together in the am, then went to get coffee @Starbucks… Check my lotto tkts. & swap, hopefully get some more and win.  Today was a win, so as I say in the lotto world, “I’m still swapping!”  That is always a good thing.  It’s just small stuff, but it’s fun.  I think it’s in the gene’s.  My grandmama use to send me up to the store to get her lottery tkts.  I think it also comes from being Catholic.  We use to go all the time to Vegas Night at my church, so I guess it’s okay.  Sanctioned by the grandmama and the pope, it can’t be wrong…  Weather was beautiful, sunny but a bit chilly.  Pizza for dinner and down in the basement working in our creative studio.  Michael painting & drawing, me finishing up with my new journal creation or something.  See if I can’t win that $11,000,000 + lotto tonight.  Then as Michael says we will just disappear.  Sounds wonderfully dreamy the way he says it.  I love you Michael.

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