Happy New Year 2011, Goodbye 2010

I sit here, New Year’s Eve 2010…The Holidays started out good, 4 Seasons for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was good.  Connor danced w/Joffrey at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, downtown Chicago.  He had to go early, so my loving husband sent a limo to take me and the est of the family downtown as I do not drive on the expressway (due to pts of my car accident)…I know, I know get over it.  I just hate driving on the expressway so I don’t do it.  A couple of years ago one of my New Year’s resolutions was to drive to Chicago and I did it.  I drove up to my husband’s building, aka Chicago Title Insurance.  He was waiting outside for me.  I remember he had the biggest smile on his face.  That said it all,”See I knew you could do it and I am so proud of you for doing it.”   So I did it, and I know I can do it but I just don’t want to do it again.  So call me pisher…  Thanksgiving was good, Michael Jr. didn’t attend.  He spent Thanksgiving with Jen.IMG_2002IMG_2001IMG_2000

Matthew, my 22 year old is a professional dancer on Milwaukee Ballet.  He picked up some shows w/Salt Creek Ballet’s Nutcracker for good money and he was the, “Cavalier.”  Last year he rolled his ankle up in Milwaukee so he missed the Nutcracker completely.  This year everything went well.  Saw the show 2 times on the same day…  Went with an old friend, so that was really special meeting up with someone who was with you back in the day. We went to the first show at the Paramount.  Another friend also came with her daughter and that meant so much to me.  It’s good to have friends.   I count the many blessings I have  in  my life.

The show he did at the Paramount, he was amazing.  I cried as I always do when I see my kids performing on stage.  They are so talented and I am so proud of them.  They work so hard, and I see the real work.  I see the, “Battle Scars.”  They can say it doesn’t hurt, but I put the ice packs that I find in their beds back in the freezer.  The Advil on the counter, back in the medicine cabinet.  But dancing is their passion.  It has to be, otherwise they would not do it.  It’s really too hard of  a job, to just be a job.  They love the stage and they love entertaining.  It is their gift to the world.  I think they would dance and perform even if they didn’t get paid.  Sometimes they do.  Thank you boys for bringing beauty into this world and into my life.  I love you…

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