The 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone…Summer is in full swing, or at least it should be.  Good holiday, we are celebrating our country, “The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”  I always say if you are lucky enough to be born in America, then you are lucky enough!!!  Please remember all of the people who have made this country great and free.  Remember all who have given their lives for this wonderful country.  Say a prayer for all who are defending it now and say one for their families.   Their sacrifice is great.  Then make sure, no matter what your circumstances may be, go and enjoy the holiday.

Enjoy the outdoors…It has been proven that eating outside makes the food taste better.  Go to a carnival.  Even if you are watching your budget, go and be an observer.  For me, I do not enjoy feeling like I am about to fall out of the sky to my death.  So I watch everyone else, and it makes me smile. Enjoy a concert.  There are so many different venues, stick with the ones from the past that touch your soul, or try a new one.  Music is a gift, enjoy it. Oh and btw, did I mention it has been proven that listening to music outside makes it sound better.  Then whatever you do, don’t miss the fireworks.  All of the above mentioned activities are free.  Oh and one more thing, the fireworks are always better OUTSIDE…

Just a few tips…If you don’t get into festival foods, (for fear of  food poisoning or just the hassle of  standing in line, finding a place to sit, blah blah blah) go to a favorite spot to eat, and fill up.  Make sure you use their bathroom and always bring along a bottle of water before you hit the festival.  Especially valuable information when bringing along the kids (bathrooms, sanitary wipes, blanket, and don’t forget the carnival straws).

It can be overwhelming, to do the carnival thing with kids.  Be it 1 kid or many. That is why, whenever we would do the carnival thing, my rule was 1 treat. If money wasn’t a problem, then it was 1 treat (of  food variety) and 1 ride. My kids were good with that.  Because with all of the other activities going on that usually made everyone happy.  Especially the dad!!!

For now, I must get started with my 4th of July Holiday…Happy 4th:)

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